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President’s Corner – August 2022

It’s an honor to be stepping in for Joe Condrill and carrying on the organization he has worked so tirelessly to build. Joe will remain involved so don’t worry!

What I love most about our group is the incredible bond and the life-long friendships that have been made due to the unique experience of living in Iran, especially during a time when most people had never even heard of Iran. There was no internet, and international calls and airfare were so expensive that many of us were unable to visit with grandparents and family back in the US so we became each other’s family.

We loved the country, people, culture, and food. We hiked mountains, learned to ski at one of the most prestigious ski resorts at the time, rode camels, and went to school on Saturday and Sunday.

I think Steve Boyd said it best on our TASA website under Fond Memories:

We are privileged in having shared in a very significant window in history… Our experiences profoundly shaped who we have become…
They have impacted our worldviews…Provided lasting relationships…Created opportunity… They make us unique…

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