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Who’s Interested In Attending

This list is updated once a week.

Updated on 1/6/2022

Vicky Shashoua Shemie’62
Narguesse McKellip Stevens’66
Judy Raab Williams (52-54) 66
Ann Starker Spencer’67
Joe Ginorio’68
Randall Gann (50s-60s) 72
Monica Moore Durkin (71-73)73
Mandy Miller Kim (74-75)’75
Jan Hanson Fakoury (74-75)75
Marcus Busch’75
Paula Austin (73-78) 77
Bill Wilhelm’77
Julie Backus Wilhelm’77
Nancy Hale Buxton (76-78) 78
Pat Hale (76-78) 78
Jim Paulson’78.5
Ariane Levine Promisel’78.5 (& Spouse, Steve)
Jill Huffman Rust(77-79) 79
Larry Pfeiffer (73-76)’79
Randy Herron (77-78)’80
Laura Kliewer (1969-1978.5)80
Brian Litteral (74-76)80
Lisa Rettig(75-77)81
Sean Schultz (77-78)’81
Sarah Schofield Turner (89-78)’81
Kris LeBlanc Stewart (75-77) 82

Class Year Unknown or Not Applicable

Betty Gann (75-77)
Brian Benic (76-78)
Dawn Carlson

Let your friends know you’re interested in attending the 2022 Reunion by adding your name to the “Interested List”.  The list gets updated once a week.

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