June 21, 2018
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TASA Newsletter–2/12/2013

Author: Paula Austin/Tuesday, February 12, 2013/Categories: TASA Email Newsletters

TASA Newsletter–2/12/2013

Hi TAS Friend!

     Hope you are doing well!

1.  The TAS lists.  How many are there of us?

    *In TAS's history (1954-December 1978) there were an estimated 15-25,000 students, faculty & administration associated with the school.

    *On Facebook (as of 2/11/13):

Tehran American School = 1,175 members.

You know you went to the Tehran American School when. = 751 members.

TAS Happy Hour = 392 members

The American School, Tehran Iran = 335 members.

Tehran American School Association = 582 'like' it.

     *With the Tehran American School Association (TASA):

On the email list = 1,083

Regular mailing list = 1,130

Current paid members of TASA = 148

    2.  John Boyhan (TAS Parent 74-78) & Carol Marchetti (TAS Faculty 72-74).

     John's daughter, Christina Boyhan'79 advised that her father, who was a telecommunications engineer for American Bell International in Tehran from 1974-78, died on August 31, 2012 from complications from pneumonia.  He was 85.

    Romano Marchetti advised on December 20 that his wife, Carol, better known as, 'Story Lady' to hundreds of TAS elementary school students between 1972 and 1974 died.  Carol was involved with a project to help abandoned children in Mexico when she suddenly became ill.    

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Boyhan and Marchetti families and their friends.

    3.  Recent finds/reconnections.

    David & Linda Payne (68-72)

    Russell Long'78

    Susan Douglass Jackson'79

    Tanya Willey Bartel (77-78)'82

    4.  How can we help you?

    5.  2013 Reunion, July 11-14, 2013 at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

     We have 23 registered and 87 interested/planning on coming.

List is at:


*Early/discount registration deadline is February 15, 2013.  Register at:

http://tasassociation.com/Reunions/2013Reunion.aspx .

     Reunion T-Shirt for sale!  Go to: www.tasassociation.com .  Click on Reunions.   

    6.  TASers who were the last at the school sought to share stories for an upcoming book.

    Andrew Scott Cooper, author of The Oil Kings: How the US, Iran and Saudi Arabia Changed The Balance of Power in the Middle East (Simon & Schuster, 2011) is working on a second book to be a sequel to The Oil Kings.  He is anxious to hear from TASers who were there in the Fall of 1978 about their stories.   Email Andrew at: aascooper@gmail.com

   7.  Boarders Without Borders IRAN.

There is a special effort to send four American Pro Snowboarders (including Olympic Gold Medal Winner Hannah Teter) to Iran to befriend Iranian youth & exchange our cultures and mutual interest of snowboarding, proving we are not too much different.  Just recently we had members of the Iranian Olympic Team reach out to us in support of the visit. This is truly an international movement between our two countries and we need your support to make this a success.  With over 75% of the population of Iran under the age of 35, counter-cultures such as snowboarding are hidden sanctuaries for the youth. We will be off to Iran in February and hope for your support with limited time. To view the trailers and pledge to Boarders Without Borders Iran, visit: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1393245118/boarders-without-borders-iran .  For more information contact:  Chris Olenick: cmolenik@gmail.com .


      Join/Renew with TASA at:

    For those joining:   Past newsletters will be sent you, while the supplies last.  Those who join the Booster & Patron membership levels will ALSO receive the new 2013 directory while supplies last.  Join at: www.tasassociation.com .


      Have a terrific day!

                         Joe Condrill

                         Tehran American School Assn.


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