June 21, 2018
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TAS Update - 05/24/2011

Author: Paula Austin/Tuesday, May 24, 2011/Categories: TASA Email Newsletters

Hi TASer!

Hope this finds you doing well!

1.  How many on the Tehran American School Assn. (TASA) lists?

  • Email list = 1,139
  • Regular mailing list = 1,126
  • Current members of TASA = 147

2.  Recent finds/reconnections.

  • Tim Hull (65-66)'68
  • Elise Abrams-Carlson (65-67)'70
  • Carol Logue (64-67)
  • Vanessa Ulshafer (77-78)'83

3.  Sally Montanari (TAS Parent 1957-62)

Sally Montanari TAS parent from 1957-1962 died Sept 1, 2010.  She volunteered in orphanages in Teheran and sponsored babies to the US.  She was an active member in the Iran-America Society and held Conversation Teas for Iranian English teachers.  She found her talent in watercolor painting in Iran, having many exotic subjects to paint, and donated her paintings to raise funds for the Iran-America Society and the American Embassy.  Our condolences to Sally's family and friends.

4.  New Tehran American School Association Facebook fan page.

Thanks to TAS webmaster, Paula!  Visit:

http://www.facebook.com/tasassociation .

5.  Books/Articles on Iran - update and a correction.

Anthony (Rob) Roberts book on Iran.  His book is called, "Sons of the Great Satan," an epic family drama set against the last years of the Shah. 

See it at: www.Smashwords.com , www.Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Bob David got a corrected url for the 1965 Talons year book: 


TAS Administrator Jerrianne Hayslett had a story in the Times Magazine about her own evacuation situation.   Visit:  http://www.anatomyofatrial.com/pages/documents/TehranDiary.pdf

6.  TASers on BRATCON radio.

Gee..we have some celebrities among us!  LOL!

If you couldn't listen to the shows live, you can listen on your own time for the BRATCON radio shows (go to: www.bratconradio.com ) for:

  • Gail Firman Porter = April 7 show;
  • Karen Oliver, Thom McInnis, and Jeff Cook = March 31 show;
  • Joe Condrill = February 17 show 


Each show lasts an hour long, but with using your Mouse, you can skip over the commercials and shorten that down.

7.  Seattle TAS Dinner, July 30.

Dinner planned for Saturday, July 30 from, 5 - 10 p.m. at the Hotel Nexus, 2140 N. Northgate Way, Seattle, WA.  Cost is $40 per person.  Deadline for registration is June 1.  For more information contact Debbie Hoyle'79 at:  olivoyle@msn.com .

     Check on your membership status!

     Have a terrific day!



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