June 21, 2018
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TASA Newsletter–10/3/2011

Author: Paula Austin/Monday, October 03, 2011/Categories: TASA Email Newsletters

Hi TASer!

     Hope this finds you enjoying some Fall-like weather!


    AGAIN.PLEASE NOTE:  If you want to comment on this update PLEASE DON'T HIT THE REPLY BUTTON!  Send your comments to: joeosbpres@sbcglobal.net only.  Thank you!


     Time to update you about:

     1.  How many on the Tehran American School Assn.

(TASA) lists?

     2.  Finds/reconnections.

     3.  Tom Siler, TAS Dad.

     4.  Yet another book on Iran.

     5.  The next reunion.

     6.  TASers on BRATCON radio.

     7.  Share your memories of TAS/Iran!


    1.  How many on the Tehran American School Assn.

(TASA) lists?

       Email list = 1,138

       Regular mailing list = 1,128

       Current members of TASA = 132

   2.  Recent finds/reconnections.

    Diane Van Epps Goodman (61-64)

    Barbara Harrison (62-63)'66

    Patty'68 & Charlie Chapman'68

    Theresa McElroy Harris'72

    Suzette Michner Champion (78)'85

   3.  Tom Siler, TAS Dad.

    Tom Siler, father of Sally (she goes by Sara now) Siler'74 died on September 17, 2011.

"My Dad was active with a lot of my mates and chaperoned our class field trips, up to the Caspian Sean and on hiking/camping trips too."

       Our condolences to Sara and her family and friends.

   4.  Yet another book on Iran.

    Jeff Peterson'72 recommends, "The Root of Wild Madder - Chasing the History, Mystery and Love of Persian Carpets," by Brian Murphy.

   5.  Next reunion.

   Still doing a lot of listening about location.  It will be in 2013.  More soon.

   6.  TASers on BRATCON radio.

        Listen on your own time to the following TASers and their stories at:

www.bratconradio.com/archives.htm :

    WEEK 46 (September 22) - Brats  at Outposts & Oil Kid  (Kip Bettis'70)

    WEEK 21 (April 7) - Brats in Ministries - Part I (Gail Firman Porter'77)

    WEEK 20 (March 31) - Brats in Crisis Zones - Part II (Thom McInnis, Jeff Cook, & Karen Oliver)

    WEEK 14 (February 17) - OVERSEAS BRATS (Joe Condrill'73)

Each show is one hour.

    7.  Share your memories of TAS/Iran!

    WANTED:  Your TAS/Iran memoirs!  The PG or G rated ones!  J Send in your story ideas before November 15 to Joe at: joeosbpres@sbcglobal.net .  We'll share them in the 2012 TASA Newsletter (the printed one).


     Join/Renew TASA!  Go to www.tasassociation.com

    On the left side of the screen look at the topic that reads, "TAS Association" and click it on.  Then click on,  "Join TASA" and download the form and mail (or FAX it) to TASA, P.O. Box 47112, Wichita, KS 67201.  Or check on your membership status by emailing Joe at: joeosbpres@sbcglobal.net .


      Have a terrific day!



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